Rajiv Kumar

Jan 8

Good afternoon.On January 20th, I will be in Providence to accompany my youngest daughter Stephanie back to Brown (my oldest, Sharon, graduated from Brown last May). Providence has been very good to the family and to the family business ( Sharon now works at Carevolution) - one of our partnerships is with Jim Prochaska's Pro-Change also in Providence. I have been reading about the success of ShapeUp and would like to take the opportunity of being in Providence to chat about the possibility of

Hi — Please email me at rkumar@shapeup.com and I’d be happy to discuss with you.  Best, Rajiv

Taking Employee Wellness Social

Last night I was the guest on HR Happy Hour, a weekly online radio show about issues facing human resources departments in corporate America. The topic was “Taking Wellness Social,” and we talked about how a social approach can help solve some of the biggest challenges facing health care today. Click below to listen to the show.

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Apr 9
Hundreds of team photos from this year’s Shape Up RI campaign. Take a look at the amazing Rhode Islanders who have teamed up to shape up our state.

Hundreds of team photos from this year’s Shape Up RI campaign. Take a look at the amazing Rhode Islanders who have teamed up to shape up our state.

Health Check: NBC10 Covers Shape Up RI

Clean Water For All

Nearly one billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water, resulting in a host of well-known and deadly health issues. The good news is that the problem of how to affordably and easily sanitize water has largely been solved. The real challenge lies in how to distribute these technologies to the people who need them most, and more importantly, how to shift local culture to value these purification systems and the life-long benefits they provide for health and productivity. A team of brilliant Brown students has decided to tackle the adoption challenge through a company called WaterWalla (Hindi for “one who sells/delivers water”). What’s unique about WaterWalla is that instead of trying to develop yet another filtration system, they’re designing innovative marketing and distribution strategies to spread existing water sanitation technologies. And while most clean water initiatives have focused on rural areas, WaterWalla is targeting urban slums in India, like this one that was featured in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I’ve met several members of the team, and I can tell you that this is definitely one promising socially-focused startup to keep your eye on in 2011.

Registration for Shape Up RI 2011 has begun! Our message this year is simple: “You Belong In Shape Up RI.” That’s because no matter where you fall on the spectrum of healthy living, this program can help you succeed, and empower you to help your friends, family, and colleagues achieve their best health in 2011. Join our team of 50,000 Rhode Islanders who are working together to transform the health of our community.

Dec 5

Social Networking: The Past, Present, and Future

This is a must-read three-part series written by Mark Suster about the past history of online social networking (think way back to CompuServe, AOL, Geocities, Yahoo groups), the current situation and dominant trends (Facebook, Twitter, mobile, location-based services), and where we appear to be heading in the future (social graph portability, topical networks, 3rd party tools, layers, organization). Whether you’re a technology entrepreneur, social media addict, or you just care about what’s going on in the world around you, these articles are worth your time.

Part I - Social Networking: The Past

Part II - Social Networking: The Present

Part III - Social Networking: The Future

Prevention For The People

Shape Up The Nation
 is finally starting to capture the attention of the mainstream media! While I’m a strong believer that entrepreneurs must avoid getting high on their own press at all costs, I am excited about any new opportunities, connections, and relationships that may come from this prominent coverage. One of my friends remarked that of all the stories that have ever been written about us, this one seemed to best capture the essence of what we’re doing and the giant vision that we are working toward. I agree. I think we’re getting better at telling our story. Let me know what you think.

Read the full article here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217555